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Fresh Coat Franchise
Why Fresh Coat?

The Fresh Coat operating system has been perfected over a decade to provide our customers in over 125 markets with quality painting, at an affordable price, and in a timely manner. We are one of the fastest-growing painting franchises in the world because our model works.

Professional painting services: Residential - Commercial - Government
Fresh Coat President Tara Riley
Build a business...

With Fresh Coat, our professional branding and marketing will help earn you immediate trust and business from your customers. Add in our sophisticated technology platforms – measuring, estimating, instant quoting and project scheduling – and you will clearly stand apart from all others to successfully win job after job, referral after referral.

But understand… YOU will NOT be painting. You will be marketing and managing your team. Real wealth is created when you are a leader, not a doer. As such, you will use our proven systems to recruit, hire, and retain quality painters and keep them highly productive for you. And even better, since our business model is homebased and low-overhead, your costs are kept low and your profit potential is kept high…allowing you to keep more of what you earn.

Fresh Coat Franchisee
Fresh Coat Advatanges

Fresh Coat offers many advantages over other painting companies:

• Competition is usually local painters or small “mom and pop” operators who very often lack professional branding, marketing, and systems.

• Unlike our competitors who use subcontractors, Fresh Coat uses painters who are full-time employees that have been professionally screened, bonded, and insured.

• Sophisticated marketing and quoting technology systems so you have instant professionalism and credibility to win jobs.

• Customer lead generation from websites, social media, SEO, digital marketing, and powerful PR programs.

Fresh Coat Franchisee
Multiple Services

FIVE DISTINCT SERVICES - Serving More Customers. More Ways. More Income:


  • Interior Painting - all interiors including walls, ceilings, trim, banisters, cabinets, and more.
  • Exterior Painting - Countless opportunities to increase the value and curb appeal of both homes and businesses.
  • Deck/Fence Painting or Staining - recurring Maintenance projects.
  • Wallpaper & Popcorn Ceiling Removal – updating older homes, apartments and offices.
  • Pressure Washing - Maintenance services for exteriors, decks, fences, walkways, and more


Start Up Costs

Fresh Coat franchisees are equipped with systems that are proven to work, taking the costly guesswork out of starting a new business on your own. We support our franchisees in the long term, offering them what they need to sustain profitability for years to come. We also offer financing for qualified entrepreneurs.

Initial Investment - $51,850 to $78,740
Franchise Fee - $42,900 to $48,900 

Why I Bought

Business ownership has always been a part of the plan for Grygoriy Tolmachov. But he knew he didn’t want to go through the process of launching an entirely new concept on his own. That’s why he decided to explore franchising while earning his MBA.

In his research, he came across Fresh Coat, the leading residential painting company in the country. After learning more about the brand’s services, he decided to apply to open his own franchise. As soon as he started talking to Fresh Coat’s corporate team, he knew it was the perfect opportunity for him.

“Right off the bat, it clicked. The corporate team at Fresh Coat has been instrumental in making my dreams of business ownership a reality,” said Tolmachov. “The support system they have in place for their franchisees makes all the difference. They’re incredibly responsive and have been with me every step of the way as I got my franchise off the ground.”

Tolmachov’s Fresh Coat franchise officially opened its doors for business in Orange County this summer, and it’s already seeing success. The response from the local community has been positive—consumers are already taking note of the brand’s commitment to quality. Tolmachov also says customers appreciate Fresh Coat’s ability to provide accurate estimates when starting a new job or project.

“The Fresh Coat brand name is well-respected and recognized by consumers. They know that when they come to us, they’re going to receive the best possible customer service and finished product,” said Tolmachov. “Fresh Coat has made it incredibly easy for me to transition to my new role as a local business owner. From helping me with management to providing me with the tools I need to effectively market my business, they’ve set me up for success.”

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